RoyAlloy™ PG - A new product offering from DB&S Steel Corporation.

RoyAlloy™ Stainless Steel.

RoyAlloy™ is a magnetic (Martensitic), 400 series stainless steel, developed, patented and produced by EDRO. RoyAlloy™ is the worldwide leader in pre-hardened stainless holder steels.

RoyAlloy PG™ Precision Ground Flat Stock is produced in North America by DB&S Steel Corporation in partnership with EDRO. It is characterized by:

  • High Strength.
    As supplied hardness of ~30HRC or ~70tons UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength), gives RoyAlloy PG™ more than twice the strength of annealed steels.
  • Hardness.
    Supplied heat treated to ~32HRC with a uniform hardness throughout the entire bar means no additional heat treatment is required.
  • Excellent machinability and dimensional stability.
    A unique chemical composition and refined microstructure combine to provide exceptional machinability, consistency and dimensional stability.
  • Safe and simplistic Weldability.
    Using recommended welding rod and welding procedures, RoyAlloy PG™ be safely welded without pre or post heating, producing uniform hardness throughout the welded area and virtually invisible welds

RoyAlloy PG™ is available from DB&S distributors, EDRO and Bohler-Uddeholm.

RoyAlloy PG™ is produced in standard gauges from ¼ through 2 and widths up to 12 in standard 36 lengths. Inquiries for Non Standard sizes are welcomed.

More information about RoyAlloy PG™ is available from and