Our History

D. B. & S. Steel Corporation was founded in September of 1973 by Jack M. Davis, Charles M. Burk, and Ronald R. Swaggard. The business was originally located in North Rochester, Pennsylvania, a robust steel mill community just West of Pittsburgh.

Jack, Chuck and Ron started with one large Mattison surface grinder and one employee to grind "Decarb Free" tool steel bars used in the production of stamping dies and ground flat stock for the machinery industry.

Within two short years the reputation of the company had grown. Demand for the D. B. & S. Steel services was on the increase. The business added more equipment and eight more employees. It had outgrown its then present location.

After a year of searching throughout Beaver County, Pennsylvania the business purchased a newly constructed building on two acres of land in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. All equipment was relocated to this facility in May of 1976.

With a new, larger facility and an increase in capacity, Jack, Chuck and Ron began manufacturing their own products. They decided to expand their offering by precision grinding tool steel in three different grades. Their products were purchased for use in the Aircraft, Automotive, Machinery, Computer Hardware and Stamping industries to name just a few.

In 1986, Ron was tragically killed in an automobile accident. While devastated, Jack and Chuck were committed to carrying on the business in his absence.

With sales steadily increasing year over year, the business was once again out of room. In 1986, the company constructed a large addition to the plant and installed additional equipment to meet the growing demand for its products.

Jack, Chuck and Ron had great vision. They were very opportunistic. The precision ground tool steel market place was evolving and creating demand for different grades of tool steel in a variety of sizes.  They met the challenge of their customers by making the decision to invest in the raw material and finished goods inventory necessary to be the one stop provider of precision ground flat stock for their customers. . In addition, in 1983 the company decided to distribute drill rod as a companion product line to the precision ground flat stock as an accommodation to their customers.

Their customers responded with support. Demand for the products were ever increasing. The business found itself once again at capacity. In 2001, D. B. & S. Steel acquired a property adjacent to the pre-existing plant to house an expansion of its cutting, shearing and raw material inventorying capabilities.
Today, the D. B. & S. Steel Corporation maintains its operations in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania on roughly seventeen acres of land. Within the approximate 25,000 square feet of production facilities, the business maintains capacity expressed in terms of equipment, personnel and inventory,  both raw material and finished goods, to meet the varied needs of it customers. The company stocks over 4,000 discrete sizes and grades of precision ground flat stock. On a daily basis, that means our inventory of finished products exceeds over one half million pieces on premises. While we are one of the four producers of precision ground flat stock in the country, we are the only manufacturer to stock eight different grades of tool steel. We ship our products both nationally and internationally.

The mill has been artfully engineered to accommodate two distinct dimensions of production.  The first of which is a high volume production facility. We have the capability to manufacture a significant number of pieces in repetition to service large scale orders. The second dimension of the plant is a "boutique" specialty mill where we have the expertise and know how to custom manufacture special sizes and tolerances in quantities as low as single pieces. These non-stock and custom orders are manufactured in an industry leading average of 3 to 4 day from confirmation of the order. We manufacture over 37,000 custom pieces for special orders annually.

The business model for the company has always been to sell its products through approved steel distributors.  We will not service a "retail" customer order directly. When we do receive a "retail" inquiry we will refer the customer to one of our approved distributors in their geographic area. There is never any threat of disintermediation for our distributors.

The company was founded on two very basic business premises which remain the underpinnings of the organization today. The first of which is "to do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it." On the front end, we pride ourselves in being able to turn around distributor inquires for price and delivery in less than one hour. When we commit to a delivery date our customers can depend on it. There is no delivery inflation in our quotes. Second, our products are hand straightened and inspected multiple times within the manufacturing process to ensure precision. When ready for shipment, our products are thoroughly rust protected and carefully packed so that they are pristine when received. Consequently, we have little in the way of customer returns. We pride ourselves on doing it right the first time.

The second business premise is to always be fair and act with integrity. The company was built from the ground up based on its consistently high reputation in the market place. Sales grew through word of mouth and positive customer experience. The company respects the sanctity of the relationship it has with its distributors and will not engage in any activity to disinter mediate them. Every action is evaluated against the backdrop of what is right for each of our constituencies; our customers, our company and our employees.

In 2006, Jack and Chuck made a decision to slowly step away from the company. They conducted a search to find a new owner that would carry on the business in the image of that which they had created. After careful consideration, they sold the company to Lawrence L. Caracciolo, a lifelong Pittsburgh native. As an experienced business man, Lawrence believed in the potential of D. B. & S. Steel and resonated with the values set forth by Jack, Chuck and the company they had created. He intends to manage the business in the tradition of its rich history which should serve it well for time to come.