AISI 1018 General Purpose Low Carbon Tool Steel

Heat treating in contact with carbon (carburizing) hardens the surface of this low-carbon steel. D. B. & S Steel's 1018 Low Carbon is a fine grained, vacuum-degassed carbon steel. It is easily machined, has excellent weld ability, and responds uniformly to case hardening.  In addition, it is easy to cold form, bend, and braze. The magnesium content provides greater strength and hardness compared to many other carbon steels.

Typical applications in its natural state include:

-  Backup Plate    
-  Stripper Plates   
-  Punch pads
-  Machine Parts    

Typical applications as case hardened material include:
-  Jigs     
-  Fixtures   
-  Cams 
-  Patterns

The chemical composition of the D. B. & S Steel grade 1018 ground flat stock falls within ranges that are rigidly monitored.  These chemical ranges are shown below *

*Source: Iron and Steel Society Pocketbook of Standard Wrought Steels